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What is a lease abstract?

A lease abstract is a document that provides a succinct interpretation of an agreement between a landlord and tenant. The form created for the lease abstract is simple and can be easily understood and referenced by the respective client. The lease abstract is not a static document and can be amended and updated to include changes throughout the term of the lease agreement. Instead of reviewing countless pages of complex legalese, an abstract offers a clear and concise summary of your lease.

Who should request a lease abstract?

If you’re a tenant leasing one or multiple buildings or units, you NEED lease abstracting. Lease abstracting isn’t limited to tenants though. Landlords, property managers, attorneys, accounting firms, investors and a host of other business interests can gain quick and easy access to critical elements of a commercial lease.

What are the benefits of Lease Abstracting?

A lease abstract can save you time and money which are critical to business continuity. Imagine having to track critical dates and deadlines, review terms, dispute charges, monitor landlord responsibilities, and respond to demands all while trying to stay on top of your daily operations.

Who creates and handles a lease abstract?

No robots, AIs or random third parties are involved in lease abstracting at Grow Resources. Your tailored leases are handled by trained and knowledgeable experts who skillfully manage the process of distilling your various lease clauses to streamline the monthly process of lease administration and ensure that you receive maximum return on your leases.

How can I access my lease abstracts?

Our intuitive, user-friendly software maintains data integrity and provides you with real time access to your detailed records to ensure you avoid costly errors and make reliable decisions.

How does Grow Resources help with lease abstracting?

Our flexible, scalable teams consist of highly trained lease specialists. They understand the industry, know how to interpret agreements and can make sound judgment calls when data falls within the gray area.

How does the process work?

Give us a call +1 (758) 456-3429 or send an email to we will be happy to guide you through the process of signing up and discussing timelines for training and completion of your abstracts as well as meeting with your Relationship Managers and the wider team.

How much does a lease abstract cost?

Your cost is determined by the number of services you require. Schedule a call to ask about how you can benefit from our incentives and cost-effective packages. Give us a call +1 (758) 456-3429 or send an email to to discuss further.

What else does Grow Resources offer?

In addition to Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration, the Grow Resources team offers Finance & Accounting, License and Permits Management, Occupancy Cost Management, Landlord Consent & Approval, Utilities Billings & Processing and Legal Transaction Support.