Who We Are

Each member of the Grow Resources management team has extensive expertise across a variety of industries and methodologies such as Lease Management, Accounting & Finance and Sales and Operations. This robust skillset ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance when discussing your outsourcing needs.

Management Team

GR-Web-Marie Grace
Marie-Grace Walcott
Chief Operating Officer
Dawn Lambert
Dawn Lambert
Human Resource & Training Manager
GR-Web-Pics-3_Valine Gustave
Valine Gustave
Team Lead
GR-Web-Pics-3_Gabriella Alfred
Gabriella Alfred-Hilliman
Team Lead
Marguerite Dornelly, Team Lead
Marguerite Dornelly
Team Lead
Ready to grow your career?
Grow Resources is always on the lookout for focused, trainable, adaptable, independent and resourceful individuals who are eager to advance their careers. We promote a friendly, high-performance culture where team members are encouraged to always give their best and deliver exceptional service to our clients.
Our career options include but are not limited to lease abstracting, accounting and finance and sales & marketing. We offer specialized and on-going training in each of these areas and our team leads are at the ready to help you reach your full potential.
We continue to invest heavily in our training and development programs to ensure best practices are adhered to and industry standards maintained, resulting in a greater level of efficiency and overall client satisfaction.
As we continue to onboard new clients, we constantly require new team members to facilitate additional contracts. Here are the latest career opportunities that exist at Grow Resources. Do you have what it takes? 
Terrance Alcide, Team Lead
Lana Cenac
Lana Cenac, Account Manager
Michael Fedee
Michael Fedee, Lease Abstractor
Jamesca Prosper, E-Commerce Accountant
Jovi Mathew, Intern
Anika Armstrong
Anika Armstrong, Team Lead
Kyle Edwards
Kyle Edwards, Account Manager 
Samia Popo
Samia Popo, Team Lead
Kyle Nicholas
Kyle Nicholas, Account Manager 
Nykelle Lee, Lease Abstractor
Jamal Charles
Jamal Charles, Account Manager
Martha Mejia, Lease Abstractor
Tasha Lawrence
Tasha Lawrence, Accounting Specialist
Kara-Je Kellman
Kara-Je Kellman, Account Manager
Jason Leo
Jason Leo, Account Manager  
Gabriella Alfred-Hilliman
Gabriela Alfred-Hilliman, Team Lead
Janick Dessire-Lovence
Janick Dessire-Lovence, Editor
Nicholas Valiyatharayil, Account Manager
Marie-Grace Walcott
Marie-Grace Walcott, COO
Marguerite Dornelly
Marguerite Dornelly, Team Lead
Jeanvorn Willie
Jeanvorn Willie, Accounting Specialist
Ashna Bynoe
Ashna Bynoe, Account Manager
Valine Gustave
Valine Gustave, Team Lead